Role: Project Manager and UX Writer

Process: Double Diamond, research and ideation through hi-fi-prototype

Tools Used:

  • Screener Surveys
  • User Interviews
  • Affinity Mapping
  • Competitive / Comparative Matrix
  • Personas
  • Journey Mapping
  • Design Studio
  • Feature Prioritization
  • Paper Prototyping
  • Wireframing (Sketch)
  • Prototyping (inVision)
  • Usability Testing

Avery needs a way to schedule her time in a proactive way to help her stop procrastinating and enjoy more control over her day.

How might we provide Avery with the motivation and tools to keep her productivity high and to protect time for the activities she loves?


The team developed a journey map to visually represent what our interviewees and Avery found both difficult and triumphant about their current systems for time management.

Much of the strength of this potential app solution to Avery’s problem would come from the ideas developed through design studios. We were searching for the potential solutions that would differentiate our app from others and hold our users accountable to their schedule, as well as what those solutions could look like.

From here, I prioritized the features using the MoSCoW method, a system of comparing feature necessity against cost of development.

We ideated several different app name ideas, including “weTime”, “TickTalk”, and “Timeback”. The goal was to capture the idea of a collaborative scheduling solution that would hold schedule-makers accountable as well as being fun to use and facilitating greater mental health through free time.

The name “” managed to hit both of these points, emphasizing timeboxing and low-maintenance scheduling as well as the social component of sharing calendars and events.

Splash Page

Featuring calming color scheme in logo

Holistic Breakdown

Featuring details per category

Personal Calendar

Monthly View - Color-coded by task type

Friends List

Sorted by friend groups

Personal Calendar:

Daily View

Group Calendar:

Daily View

Able to see the group-facing calendar items from friends, seeing gaps in schedule for potential social events and encouraging friends at difficult tasks

Social Event Screen

With clear RSVP options, linked to calendar

Create New Task Screen

Visibility options clear, time estimator based on previous tasks and other users' task duration